We want to insure you are comfortable with the construction process and that you feel confident from beginning to end!

Lender Pre-Qualification Letter: Submit the necessary paperwork to your preferred lender so you can establish your budget for construction.
[documents you may need for your lender]

Floor Plans: Select a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Building Site Location: Select your preferred location.

Sales Agreement: We will write a mutually agreeable contract Between Excalibur Construction and you for your new home.

Loan Processing: Submit the purchase agreement to your lender.  The lender may require additional documents and information to finalize the loan.

Pre-construction: You will meet with the project manager to finalize the decisions so construction can be scheduled and begin.

Upgrades and Change Orders: When adding upgrades and additional features, a change order will be submitted which your lender will require as well to insure you are not exceeding your approved loan amount.

Permits: The project manager will apply for the required building permits and finalize the plans for your home.

Excavation/Foundation: The ground breaking begins after the permits have been granted.  We’d love to have you participate in the first phase!

Framing: After the foundation is in the place, the framing and construction process will begin.  Your new home is well on its way.

Rough-in: At this stage the Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC contractors arrive on-site. 

Interior Finishes and Inspections:  Quality checks are preformed throughout the process.  Upon completion, we will receive an occupancy permit, preparing for the final phase!

Final Walk Thru: The final quality control rest with you!  We will walk through your home together and insure all specifications follow the original agreement.

Off to the final Closing: Your lender and closing company will coordinate the closing time and date, the last step before MOVE-IN.

Home Warranty: Excalibur stands by its work with a one-year home warranty package.