Excalibur Construction; An explanation of who we really are

  Excalibur Construction is Wyoming’s premier home builder. A Design & Build, full-service General Contractor with over 40-years’ experience. Headquartered in the heart of beautiful Sheridan, Wyoming. We take a hands-on approach and build homes with perfection in every detail. With over four decades of industry expertise, armed with a background in architecture, engineering, and design, Excalibur is on the job site every single day to ensure that our clients are given the best-constructed home possible. We also have a Remodeling division that is second to none. We present unique statements in home styles in Sheridan County’s most desirable communities. Designed and built by Excalibur Construction, our homes capture all the beauty and charm of mountain living, and the Green, Money-Saving Building that you have always desired. The elegance and attention to detail masterfully executed by Excalibur, guides every element of design throughout your home, creating an aesthetic experience. In addition, Excalibur provides a variety of architectural details to make each home truly unique. Time and money always assert their own limits, but in an Excalibur home, you can allow your imagination to run free, without breaking the bank. Continually meeting our own expectations for excellence is the most difficult part of our job; we are very demanding. Clients have a lot of choices when they pick a general contractor to build their home. It is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly; in fact, we take it personally. The only project that matters to a homeowner is their own, and rightfully so. We have assembled a great sub-team of performers as a result of our philosophy; there is no excuse for a bad performance. A passionate commitment to high standards of performance is what makes us stand out compared to our competitors. Building a home can be stressful if the project is not managed properly. We strive to make this process as straightforward and easy as possible; guiding you at every turn. We place an emphasis on solving issues and handling any unpleasant situation that may arise, that way you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our team of designers guides you through the interior design of your home from start to finish. Showing you the most ideal choices for your individual taste. We want this to be a fun process for you and we are there for you every step of the way. One of our top priorities is not only to deliver results to our customers but to exceed their expectations. and we do just that. We negotiate 90% of our jobs with clients based upon our expertise, reputation, and friendships. At Excalibur, we care about service, so we look at the relationship, not just the project. We have clients who come back year after year with new projects. They come back to us for a reason. That reason is that we are there for them and willing to help resolve any issue that may arise. Our job is to listen to a customer’s problems and provide solutions and if we don’t have an immediate solution, you can guarantee we will find it. Whether you desire a Starter Home, an IRC Modular Home, a Luxury home, or a Remodeling project; Excalibur has the expertise and an efficient cost conscience staff to fulfill your needs. Our bids may not always be the lowest, but they are the most precise, complete and our personal touch is included. Give us a call today to make your American Dream Come True!  


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